Rear (L to R): WB City Councilman Andrew Williams, Advisor Justin Wood, Advisor Ethan Till, Michelle Van Huizen (Publicity Head), Xander Hulet (Co- Web Administrator), Bryce Cindrich (Web Adminstrator), Madeline Stokes (Historian), Hallie Anderson (Mayor), Megan Charchenko (Recorder), Truleigh Newbold (Co-recorder), Zach Boswell, Trista Eggett, Christina Williams, Mikayla Williams.

Front (L to R): Advisor Tonya Boswell, Advisor Teresa Romney, Sydney Morrill (Co-publicity head), Preston Huggard (Treasurer), Hayden Paxton, Carson Young, Brandon Wood (Secretary), Mason Draper, Asher Stock, WB Mayor Ken Romney

The 2017-2018 Youth City Council was sworn in on September 19, 2017.


The Youth City Council provides an opportunity for West Bountiful's 13-18 year old youth a greater knowledge and appreciation for the American system of government through active participation of this system, and to help the City Mayor and Council to solve the problems and accomplish the goals of this City, and plan and implement social, educational, cultural, athletic and recreational activities for the community.


The mission of the West Bountiful Youth City Council is to make a difference in our community by giving youth the opportunity to serve, develop leadership abilities and skills, and grow to become educated and responsible citizens. As we serve we will strengthen our community and promote a spirit of pride in our city. In the future we will responsibly perform our duty as citizens of the United States.

Terms for Youth City Council run from June to June.  Click here for an application or to see more information about the YCC, click on the dropdown links next to this Tab.