Storm Water Information

                Reporting Spills and Illegal Dumping

 If you see someone dumping material in the gutter or down the storm drain, you can report the illicit discharge to to City Hall at 801-292-4486 (Mon-Thurs 7:30a-5pm & Friday 7:30a-3pm), or to the Dispatch Center at 801-292-6000, 24/7.

  West Bountiful City is the regulatory agency for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System within the City.  All connections to, as well as discharges to the storm water system must by approved by the City.  For questions, contact Blake Anderson - Storm Water Enforcement Officer at 801-381-1869 or Steve Maughan - Public Works Operations Director at 801-381-1870.  You can also contact the Davis County Environmental Health Dept. at 801-525-5100

Residential Discharges -
     Typically, the ONLY thing that can be discharged to our storm water system is rainwater. There are exceptions that are legal to discharge, such as washing your car in your own driveway or making an approved tie for a spring or foundation drain located on your property.  An explanation of what may be legally discharged to the storm water system can be found here.

Commercial Discharges -

     All commercial locations in the City are required to maintain and operate the approved storm drain controls which were approved at the plan approval. The features include drainage swales, detention or retention basins, orifice plates, oil and water separators, etc.
    All businesses are required to assess their on-site storm water controls and submit an inspection report annually. 
     An illicit discharge is an unlawful act of disposing, dumping, spilling, emitting, or other discharge of any substance other than storm water into the storm water drainage system. The storm water drainage system includes streets, ditches, catch basins, yard inlets, and streams.
    If your business has an accidental release, or you see a release from any business, it is critical you call our 24- hours hotline, 801-298-6000, as quickly as possible so the release can be mitigated as quickly as possible.

West Bountiful Storm Water Management Program
     West Bountiful City's Storm water Management Plan (SWMP) is intended to give direction to the City in satisfying Federal and State water quality requirements as set forth under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES.  The purpose of the SWMP is to establish a program which will effectively limit the discharge of pollutants from the West Bountiful City storm drainage system to the maximum extent practicable.

UPDES Phase 2 Storm Water Management Plan - Permit UTR090053 

For more information, see documents below:

Storm Water Construction
 Best Management Practices


     Storm Water Utility Ordinance
     Flood Prevention Ordinance
     Davis County Illicit Discharge Ordinance

Standard Operating Procedures
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Flooding Prevention
     Utah Flood Information Booklet
     Flood Prevention Ordinance
     Flood Hazard Maps

Pollution Prevention
     Wasatch Integrated
     Green Waste Recycling Brochure
     Household Hazardous Waste Brochure
     Davis County Storm Water Coalition - Pollution Prevention

     Utah MS4 Permit
     Davis County MS4 Permit

Illicit Discharge 
     2015 SWPPP Flow Chart
     Spill Report Form

     Erosion Prevention - Plan 126

     Letters to Developers 12/3/2007
     Best Management Procedures