Public Works Maintenance Worker

·       Position Title of Supervisor

o   Public Works Director


·       Summary of the Position

o    Perform a variety of manual labor in connection with the maintenance of the City’s parks and trails, water system, streets and storm drains 


·       Essential duties and responsibilities

o   Perform manual labor including, but not limited to, digging trenches, cutting and laying sod, raking leaves, cleaning and keeping toilets supplied

o   Mow and trim lawns

o   Operate lawn mowers, weed whips and other equipment

o   Repair waterlines

o   Repair streets

o   Plow snow

o   Operate heavy equipment

o   Operate Public Works vehicles

o   Assist with other Public Works projects as assigned


·       Special Considerations

o   Honest and reliable

o   Positive and helpful attitude; ability to communicate and work well with the public

o   Must be at least 18 years of age

o   Good physical condition, able to regularly lift 50 pounds

o   Must be able to work weekends and overtime as needed


·       Salary

o   $10/$12 per hour depending on experience

o   Full time seasonal (approximately April – October)

o   No benefits