Engineering, Planning & Zoning

The Engineering, Planning & Zoning department handles the following:

Engineering - Facilities and/or public works design & planning, design standards, building permits and inspections, FEMA flood potential information.

Planning & Zoning information including building setbacks, yard regulations, conditional and permitted uses by zone, sign regulations, general plan, farm animal regulation, historic overlay, general plan, moderate income planning, zoning maps, providing support to the planning commission, and enforcement of city ordinances (that do not require police intervention).

 Ben White -  Zoning Administrator, City Engineer
  801-292-4486, ext 108

     Cathy Brightwell - Community Development, Zoning, Planning Commission, 
                                    Planning Commission

       801-292-4486, ext 103

    Mindi Tullis - Building Permits
    801-292-4486, ext 100
     Bev Haslam - Building permits, Community Development, Zoning, 
                            Code Enforcement

       801-292-4486, ext 105

 Building Inspections (Sunrise Engineering)