Election Information

The election process and right to vote are aspects of our government we all hold dear. We are given the ability to elect our peers to represent us in providing direction for the most basic services that we rely upon.  We have the power to choose our direction by promoting and electing those who share common values.  Relatively few votes can change the outcome of elections.  Every vote counts!


     The City of West Bountiful held a Municipal Primary Election on August 13 and a General Election will be held on November 5, 2019 for three city council seats (4 year term each).  All voting is "By Mail." Once completed, ballots can be dropped in the U.S. mail, in the Ballot drop box at city hall, or on election day at the city hall polls. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE BALLOTS IN THE UTILITY DROP BOX AT CITY HALL. In-person voting will be available on election day at city hall or any other vote center.


    The following is a list of candidates for the General Electon. Additional information is available when you click on their name. Candidates are listed according to the Master Ballot Position List determined by the Lt. Governor's office.

James L. Ahlstrom 781 N 900 West 801-694-2496 JAhlstrom@parrbrown.com
James Bruhn 1084 W 1600 North 801-292-7912 JBruhnwbcc@yahoo.com
Dennis Dee Vest 1405 W 1200 North 801-244-5467 DennisVest@mtnstatesreps.com
Rod Wood 1552 N 1050 West 801-381-7501 RodneyWood10@comcast.net
Andrew Williams 1020 W 400 North 801-879-9065 AndySarahW@msn.com
Jessica Gertsch 992 W 700 North 801-882-8832 Mrs.Gertsch@gmail.com


James Ahlstrom 8/6/2019  10/28/2019    
James Bruhn 8/6/2019  10/28/2019    
Jessica Gertsch 8/6/2019  10/28/2019    
Brison Lundgren 8/6/2019  9/12/2019-did not file    
Alan Malan 8/1/2019  9/12/2019-did not file    
Brady Tracy no report-eliminated from election  9/6/2019    
Dennis Vest 8/6/2019   10/29/2019    
Andy Williams 8/6/2019   10/28/2019    
Rod Wood 8/6/2019  10/29/2019    


Canvass of votes from August 13, 2019 Primary Election



By Mail Registration Deadline:  Voter registration forms must be postmarked at least 30 days before an election in order to be eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

In-Person Registration Deadline:  You may register in-person at the County Clerk's office (61 S Main St., Farmington) up to 7 days before the day of election.

Online Registration Deadline:  You may register online (vote.utah.gov) up to 7 days before the day of election.

Voters who miss the Registration Deadline may vote provisionally in person on Election Day at a Vote Center. Plan for some extra time at the polling location to fill out paper work, and bring with you Proof of Identity and Proof of Residency (two different items).

If you have any questions regarding voter registration, please contact the Davis County Elections Office, 801.451.3589.


October 15 - Ballots for General Election will be mailed to voters.
October 29 - Last day to register to vote for General Election in person or on-line.
October 29 - Candidate Financial Disclosures are due.
November 5 - General Election - Voting at City Hall from 7am - 8pm.
December 5 - Final Candidate Financial Disclosure is due.
January 7 - Successful candidates will be sworn in on the first Monday in January, or as soon thereafter as practical.