The City of West Bountiful had 3 city council seats open for terms running from January 2016 through 2019. A Municipal Primary Election was held on August 11, and a General Election was held on November 3, 2015.

The six candidates who were seeking to fill these positions are listed below; the winners are highlighted in red.  

James Ahlstrom             Campaign Information                Finance Reports
James Bruhn                  Campaign Information                Finance Reports
Alan Malan                     Campaign Information                Finance Reports
Debbie McKean             Campaign Information                Finance Reports
Scott Strong                   Campaign Information                Finance Reports
Andrew Williams            Campaign Information                Finance Reports

Click to see the final canvass of the General Election.

Other issues on the ballot:
    West Bountiful RAP Tax - Proposition 9             RAP Tax Voter Information
    Proposition 1 - Transportation Sales tax             www.prop1utah.com/    
    South Davis School Bond                                   www.davis.k12.ut.us

See below for additional information:

2015 Precincts
Election Guide
Master Ballot Position List

Primary Election Canvass Report
General Election Canvass Report