The following candidates are running for municipal offices in West Bountiful.  There is one opening for Mayor and two openings for City Council.  All positions run for 4 years.  Click on the links next to each candidate to review their bios and financial disclosures. The first financial disclosure is due one week before the election (October 31) and the second is due 30 days after the election (December 7).


  Ken Romney                Bio       Financial Disclosure 1          Financial Disclosure 2

  Brady Tracy                 Bio       Financial Disclosure 1          Financial Disclosure 2

City Council:

  Mark Preece                Bio        Financial Disclosure 1         Financial Disclosure 2

  Kelly Enquist              Bio        Financial Disclosure 1         Financial Disclosure 2

  Heather Gardner         Bio        Financial Disclosure 1         Financial Disclosure 2

  Alan Malan                Bio        Financial Disclosure 1         Financial Disclosure 2