Historic Districts

    West Bountiful is home to some stunning examples of early Utah architecture, and the City is committed to the preservation and enhancement of its historic district.  

    Title 11, Chapter 18 of the Utah Code Annotated, 1953, established the Historic District Act in 1967.  This act allows local government to expend public funds for the preserving, protecting, and enhancing of historical areas and sites.  Since its passage, the Historic District Act has been used by cities throughout the state to develop and adopt locally suited historic preservation programs and regulations.

    West Bountiful adopted a Historical Overlay District, WBMC Section 17.24.110, in 2015 to preserve, protect and enhance historic areas and sites within the city (see zoning map).  These regulations govern building exteriors within the historical district as they are erected or extensively altered and building plans must be approved by the Architectural Review Board prior to construction.