Election Information

The election process and right to vote are aspects of our government we all hold dear. We are given the ability to elect our peers to represent us in providing direction for the most basic services that we rely upon.  We have the power to choose our direction by promoting and electing those who share common values.  Relatively few votes can change the outcome of elections.  Every vote counts!

The local government level is closest to home and therefore gives you direct influence on your elected officials. A municipal election is held in odd years with 3 council members running in one year and then the mayor and 2 council members running two years later. If you have questions about the election or running for office that are not answered here, please contact the City Recorder's office at 801-292-4486.


The City of West Bountiful held a non-partisan Municipal Primary Election on November 2, 2021 to fill two city council seats and one mayoral seat (4 year term each). West Bountiful contracts with Davis County for administering the elections, and all elections are Vote by Mail

Of 3581 registered voters, 1392 ballots were cast for a voter turnout of 38.87%


   Mayor- Kenneth Romney -1179

     Mark Preece - 775 votes
     Kelly Enquist - 723 votes
     Michelle Curtis - 658 votes
     Jessica Gertsch - 408 votes
A full list of Davis County election results can be viewed HERE.